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Coromandel Mussel Kitchen - Our Story

Collect, Cultivate, Harvest,
Cook and Serve

Coromandel Mussel Kitchen is unique in that we collect, cultivate, harvest, cook and serve to you, our own green lipped mussels. Guaranteeing freshness that is full of flavour and quality.

Coromandel Mussel Kitchen is a place where you can come along and enjoy Coromandel’s freshest green lipped mussels, watch some hand made value added products being prepared and buy some to take away with you.

Read on to discover how you can taste Coromandel’s delicious, green lipped, mussels.


collect photo
Mussel Farm
Coromandel Mussel Kitchen - Collect


Juvenile mussels, known as ‘Spat’, bind onto seaweed off the West Coast of Northland.

During storms and rough seas the seaweed breaks off the seabed and washes up naturally onto 90 mile beach. The seaweed is collected out of the surf and off the beach. The Spat is then bagged and transported to Coromandel.


collect photo
Ocean Storm
Mussel Farm
Coromandel Mussel Kitchen - Cultivate


The Gulf Harvester hangs the spat out on rope surrounded by cotton stocking which holds the seaweed in place.

The juvenile mussels transfer from the seaweed onto the mussel rope whilst the cotton stocking bio-degrades leaving only the juvenile mussels and rope.

After 6-10 months the Gulf Harvester strips the mussels off the rope and thins them out to allow for optimum growth. The mussels are cultivated for 12-18 months, until they reach a size of 90-100mm in length.

Sowing the Mussel Spat in cotton socks
  • seeding mussels
  • mussel spat
  • mussels
Coromandel Mussel Kitchen - Harvest


When the mussels are ready the Coromandel Harvester uses the latest industry equipment to haul up, strip off, de-clump, wash, grade, and bag the mussels ready for market.

The Coromandel Harvester is harvesting 3-5 times per week to ensure the freshest mussels are delivered for maximum freshness and flavour.

Harvest image here

  • Harvesting Mussels
  • Harvesting Mussels
  • Unloading Mussels to come
Coromandel Mussel Kitchen - Cook


All our mussels are cooked on site in our specifically designed mussel kitchen which utilises the latest combination steaming technology.

Our mussel kitchen complies with the stringent requirements of a food safety program so you can be assured of the highest quality mussel products.

If you’re eating in then you can enjoy the delicious variety of hot mussel meals that our team design and craft to show off the splendour and taste of the Coromandel Green Lipped Mussel.


Convitherm Oven
Coromandel Mussel Kitchen - Serve


At the Coromandel Mussel Kitchen you can sit down, relax and enjoy the Coromandel countryside whilst we serve you a delicious hot bowl of mussels and a cold beverage.

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  • Mussel Platter
  • Mussel Platter
Coromandel Mussel Kitchen - Contact
Kitchen Photo

SH25 (Manaia Rd)
& Crn 309 Rd
Coromandel 3506

For all inquiries please email:
or call Jake Bartrom on t: 07 866 7245


The Coromandel Mussel Kitchen is situated only 5 minutes south of Coromandel Town which is a two-hour drive from Auckland or Hamilton.

From Thames (click this link to see a detailed map) take State Highway 25 along the pohutakawa-fringed coast line.

After 50kms or 45 minutes driving, you will see the turn off to the 309 Road on your right. The entrance to the Coromandel Mussel Kitchen is 50m down on the right.

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